About us

Kdotomatic_w-245x300AAN- Gluepoins is the only manufacture in the Netherlands of GlueDots and GlueStripes.

And also the only manufacturer of automatic adhesive dispensing points  “DOT O MATIC”since June 2014.

Supplier of joining material like double sided tapes, sealing rounds and dispensers. Our products are widely used in the direct mail industry, printing houses, direct mail companies, and hand work companies.

We work with two state of the art machines with an output of 1.500.000 GlueDots a day, and if need be can opperate 24hours a day, giving an output of almost 3.000.000 GlueDots a day.

We pride ourselves for our quality and service. Our GlueDots are used by companies where they do not need exspensive hotmelt machinery. Other benefits of our products are: they are easy to use, clean, non toxic, immediate joining and non vapour, smoke or odour.

We have a dealer network in 36 European countries and in Australia and India as well, and are a major player on the European market, giving the lager GlueDots manufacturs a run for there money.

Please feel free to contact us for information, samples or quote on price.

We are always willing to visit companies in person.

Most of our products we sell from stock and can be delivered in most parts of Europe within 48/72 hours.